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Nous travaillons constamment en partenariat avec des experts  et des instituts de renom afin de recueillir des informations sur le secteur informatique dans l'univers professionnel. S'appuyant sur un contact client direct et des analyses de marché approfondies, nos recherches représentent une source d'informations idéale pour vos décisions d'achat dans le domaine de l'informatique.
Vous trouverez ci-dessous l'ensemble de nos rapports et recherches.

  • Business process automation in oil and gas industry

    The abrupt drop in oil prices has forced companies to give thought to options of cutting operational costs. Costs that were rational at a price of $100 per barrel of oil require reassessment now. In this situation, companies are striving to improve their asset sustainability and achieve maximum productiveness from employees

  • Are you using the right tool for the job? 2016

    Don’t be taken in by the latest shiny eye-pleasing device! Right now there is a battle taking place in the device market. As consumerisation tightens its vice-like grip on the industry, traditional PC and laptop players now compete for market share with big brand consumer players.

  • Test d’évaluation de la tablette de poche durcie Toughpad de Panasonic. 2016

    L’organisme indépendant d’études de marché Opinion Matters a sélectionné huit employés nomades utilisant des appareils mobiles dotés d’un lecteur de codes-barres dans leurs activités quotidiennes (livreurs, magasiniers, postiers, transporteurs, employés logistiques), et les a invités à évaluer trois terminaux de collecte de données portables.

  • Scanning pain for no gain, 2016

    There is a popular phrase that “there is no gain without pain” but it appears from our latest research that logistics and delivery businesses and workers are suffering all the pain for no gain as a result of poorly designed mobile barcode scanning devices.

  • Is your equipment just pretending to be tough? 2016

    On the surface, a lot of equipment may look tough, but look a little deeper and you’ll find they are actually quite vulnerable. In the latest news from Panasonic, you’ll discover that Panasonic Toughbook and Toughpad range are genuinely tough – not like standard laptops and mobiles.

  • Built to last, from the ground up

    When it comes to specifying business equipment, it makes sense to build a relationship that will last – that will take the rough with the smooth, and survive the tough world of work.

  • Pay Now, Save Later: The Business Case For Rugged Devices

    There can be no doubt that the introduction of mobile technology is driving huge productivity gains for mobile workers and their employers as first the use of notebooks, and now tablets and handhelds extends across many different industries.

  • It’s wise to customise: Is your mobile computing solution adapted for your business environment?

    With rugged tablets and handheld devices becoming commonplace in the hands of the mobile workforce, are businesses are falling short on the returns from their mobile IT investment because they fail to tailor their solutions to workers’ specific needs?

  • To dock or not to dock: The business benefits of vehicle-mounted tablets and notebooks

    You wouldn’t give your office-based workforce a computer and then not provide them with a desk to sit at. So why give a mobile worker a productivity transforming tool and not give them somewhere secure to house and use it effectively on the road?